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The Kid’s OK

Just thought I’d drop a note of things are better then they have been in two years. I have been cut free for 3 years, thanks to God, a willingness to yield to help and actually apply healing and keep it that way.

What is the difference this time? Well I suppose re-reading posts from 2008-2009 just it made me a bit sad. I’m more or less off every social media page, deleted a tumblr account that I’d had for two years with over 300 followers. Why? Because being without the net for a good solid seven months I’m able to say goodbye to things that bog me down.

Living life, not posting about living it.

Also, being thoughtful with what I do type and say, reading it back to myself you’d have no idea how much that has saved communication errors.

No more twitter, no more facebook, no more tumblr, just this page really and down to one email got rid of all else. Simplify my digital life is the name of the game now. Watching what I listen to music wise has been another thing, what I read basically anything that can go into my mind and come out as depressing what have you. If I can help what goes in I can choose to be positive or negative, life gives enough lemons why add more?

So things are going well.


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