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Coffee and So Much More

Coffee and thoughts to type out. It’s nice isn’t it? I really don’t want to worry about a ‘following’ I don’t care who reads this, who dose not, as I have nothing to hide. 🙂

I’m working on getting my A+ tests passed (they are IT tests) the first set of IT tests. I’m going to be then taking networking, then security after which I’d like to go into the IT security profession. I’d like to be able to help a company be secure having been on the receiving end of ID theft more times then I can count *eye roll* it’s funny when they steal it now it’s absolute crap and they must be like ‘oh ****’ that makes me ‘lol’ a bit serves them rightly I suppose.

Having High Functioning Autism I find a gift because there is a focus and determination on my part to help other people. That is something that isn’t faked, people know when you are a phony or not off the bat. The fact that I  miss most of the social what you can’t and can do, most of the unsaid insults have flown over my head. In this way it has been an advantage!

I have a lot to offer the world, and I am humbly willing to go where God would lead me to go. God has done so much for me, He’s my rock, My shield and the wall of fire around those that love Him. Many are part time followers of Him, but I am sold out for Him! 110 percent of my effort is now more then ever in Him.

The above is a play list I put together about what I believe and the notes that pop up are some verses that I put together. It was a labor of love, but reflects following God, truly befriending Him despite ALL, still choosing Him above everything.

I have a testimony in part because I put myself in a place of surrender, and a place where I could receive help for my long past struggle with cutting. I am happy to say this coming May 9, 2015 will be the two year graduation anniversary from Mercy Ministries! Below is my testimony story linked:

The last two years have been adjusting to life outside of Mercy, and showing my family that yes I was better. It’s not been easy in fact I had the first year three cutting slip up’s but I got back up and kept going.

I am truly believe that no one no matter the issue will get well until they want to get better, Period. God is a God of Love and Grace, longsuffering to a point I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

However God has also said ‘I AM Holy, so you be Holy.’ not in our own doing mind you, but by humbling ourselves under the Mighty Hand of God in Humble submission, and asking Him to increase our faith, talking to Him etc. Don’t worry, nothing surprises God! Nothing! You should hear some of my prayers, heh, they are real, honest and sometimes funny.

So I suppose this blog is for the continuing faith journo that I continue to have with Jesus, and all the other bits in between.

Till tomorrow.


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