learn a language among other things

Well using Rosetta Stone has proved to be a costly venture…honestly, I just want to know someone who knows how to speak Arabic and teach it to me. To learn how to read and write in it, don’t know if that’s too much to ask? perhaps it is.

Frustrating feelings, seeing things not quiet the same. The seasons come and go, I wish I were a siren to lure men to their deaths in the sea somewhere.

I can get lost in stories better than I can real life, what is going on around seems 3rd person surreal to me.

I keep feeling as though I’ve been here before which is a sign of abysmal sleep.

A furrowed brow and bursts of words blend into a wounded subconscious.

The streets around me are bruised, people are too busy to see dripping eyes.

What does disappointment taste like? Like a sucker punch to the nose.


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