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Panic at the

Can I just say that it is hard sometimes being on the spectrum of Autism. In regards to finding my way around. Will the real Hannah please stand up.

I go off on my merry way (ha ha sarcasm) to make sure I am on time to my intake appointment for testing accommodations for the IT tests I’ll be taking. Let me make sure you get it straight, this is testing to prove I need tests untimed. OK now that is cleared up hopefully?

So this place isn’t in the place it was years ago (surprise sunshine) They are down the road, (that had some construction being done on it which ate up nail biting 6 minutes!)

Finding the place finally, I’m frazzled, frustrated and freaking out. hello panic attack (almost)

Think of it as a low level 911 call panic, ball that feeling up tight in your chest, and say hello to the operator.

So, to sum up; getting lost sucks big time.

I’m also struggling with sleeping again nothing is working at this point. eating at night is awful, to do what look at ceiling take three bathroom breaks and turn over some more until I finally sleep out of sheer exhaustion by 4 or 5 am!

This has been really bad of late but I’ve been struggling with sleep for half a year now. been on everything under the sun, downed more Benadryl then I can count (10 a night does crap all) the Trazadone may as well be a sugar pill, because I’m still wide awake.

My stupid brain won’t shut up or shut off! 

I’m off to torture myself with working out again, and washing my poor car or something.


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