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God is So Good

The more that I read in the Bible about God, His heart is unwrapped like a precious present for those that take the time to get to know God’s heart. The more I read of Him, the more I speak with Him, the more of Him I want.

The less of this world I see ‘and the things of this world will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace’ the lyrics to Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

I’m so love-sick for Jesus, as the Psalmist said ‘My soul faints for Your salvation, But I hope in Your Word.’

Like David I am content that God is my portion.

God’s statutes are my songs.

He is mine and I am His.

For also I relate to:

‘My eyes fail from searching Your Word, saying “When will You comfort me?” For I have become like a wine-skin smoke. Yet, I do not forget Your statutes.” Psalm 119:82-83

The very Heart of God is for people, it’s His greatest delight. Throughout the entire old testament He reveals His heart of Love to His chosen people. The more I read of Him, the more of Him I want!

The funny thing is, I don’t care if I’m called crazy, because I am nuts for Jesus! I want the boldness, courage and wisdom to tell others about this great Love of God! I wish all knew, and took the time to know.

I’m finding that God’s Love won’t be discovered by all, nor is it for all, for many won’t choose Him when things become difficult etc.

I sadly admit this reality, as Christ Himself did. ‘few will go’ to  the One who can heal what is broken and make whole.


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