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In Waiting Rooms (God Shows Up)

So my inspection is due this month and I am trying to find a place that will not rip me off, and go to my local Pet Boys to wait to see if they are able to inspect my car. In the process of waiting for about 2 hours I have my Bible out with my notebook and pen to copy from the book of Hebrews. I’m up to chapter 11 I think, need to check my notes.

so I’m in the process of waiting and as I am I turn over to look and a man is getting his tires fixed. I strike up a short conversation with him and share my story briefly but candidly and I’m not sure how it affects him personally but my only guess is that it’s positive because he shares his story as well.

It’s in the in between before he gets up to leave that God showed up, simple but He did. It hopefully encouraged him and though I was told that there was a ‘backup’ with the repairs I am going to try another repair shop for my inspection tomorrow or Saturday.

This past Wednesday again in the waiting room, only now at my psychologists office, turned out for some reason I thought my appointment was at 11 am only to find out it was at 12:30 pm well I decided to wait it out, I don’t mind waiting.

Again in the process of waiting to see the doctor, a woman was waiting close by. Turned out that she and myself prayed together, I gave her my email address and offered encouragement where I could but not me the Jesus in me was what did it.

Both times it’s Christ in me, or in a believer who isn’t afraid to take God at his word and just simply say ‘hey how are you doing?’ and mean it, you’ll never know when God shows up, and how much better off you are for being there in the waiting…


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