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A Bit on Myself

With me what you see and read is what you get.

I’m not a member of any on line forums any longer or social media because honestly there are so many things that can be lost in translation via the web. I am Hannah Joy Capps, I am so in love with the Creator God.

I don’t care much what others think of me, just concerned with what the Great I AM says about me and I rest in His promises.

Jesus works, no really he does. But you will be ridiculed for following Him, so prepare yourself and count the cost for some it’s one that is too high.

I’m very aware of what is going on in the world as far as News, the earth going nutters.

I’m also aware that people make choices, just as I did to scar up my body at one point. Not realizing that God would wear those scars on his own arms for the rest of eternity for my own sake. I had to go through that experience that brought me closer to Him myself.

No one forced me to start self injuring nor was I forced to stop. I stand in Christ because I choose to stay standing even when I fall (and believe me dear reader I fall a lot) but God catches me, as He does everyone who calls on His Name without shame.

A few more quick things, there isn’t any fear in real love, for if it’s real and honest it shines too brightly for fear to dwell there.

To live by faith means letting go of things even when it’s hard and you are alone at times. I’m not alone in Christ, and no one can tell me otherwise for He was there with me in my darkest (It got really awful folks) and if I can return from the brink of quiet literal insanity to being in my right mind but insanely on fire for the Lord…

Then anyone can be reached, it’s a matter of their pride (I have it so it takes one to know one eh? he’s still teaching me.) and not letting go of things, hurt, etc…

staying in hurt mode instead of giving it away to the One who heals the wounds seen and unseen…


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