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Two Years After Mercy

It’s funny going through the notes, writings, assignments etc. from Mercy two years ago was quiet interesting. It was good to re-read things that I learned and to refresh my memory of profitable things learned while there.

Memories came flooding back, and with them some laughing on my part for many of the memories were funny.

Going back through solid teachings reminded me of the what behind the why of what I am doing. It’s good to refresh your mind with good things learned so that you can remember and learn new things as well.

Going back through the ‘Choices That Bring Change’ was really neat two years later, inspired me to type up the notes given to me so that I have them on hand and anyone else who may need them in the future will have them. I was thinking about giving them to the local church I go to. I shall see.

God remains good, and always will be.


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