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We Saw This Coming, Yet did Nothing

Approaching fire that was seen a mile off – didn’t make the loss any less raw.

For ten years a leisurely sore that originally didn’t mean surplus.

But like amphibians in red-hot water, we didn’t know we were dead until the tardy pardon of passing was given in the form of redefinition.

It didn’t matter to the one’s that charged ahead, flecked promises not comprehensive but fashionable.

But just as it was in the days of Noah, a downpour of a different kind has taken its place.

The fires in the bottomless unwrap themselves in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, and mammon interfering with things they understand but don’t have the heart to grasp.

For a human heart is wicked and full of deceit above everything.

Instead of a baptism of water this time Loves Fire will consume all in its corridor.

There will no longer be vacant ‘peace, peace’ and no calm.

An iron rod of Perfect Love without condition will break some while others welcome it.

Humbly submit now, and find the grace of the King, or be broken into pieces by his vengeance.


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