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Praise the Lord!

As I read through the Bible things that were going on in the old testament were as things are now, nothing is new under the sun we live…

The in the days of old people caused their children to pass through the fire in the name of a god they had cast with their hands…God time and again turned His back, was grieved in his Spirit and few kings of Israel followed God with the entire intent and purpose of their hearts…

isn’t that what God is after? The hearts of men? Yes it is. From Genesis to Revelation God’s Heart longs to be in communion with man, it is God who’s been faithful throughout  generations. It is us mankind who has been the exact opposite. Nothing is new under the sun…

Now children are passed through the fire in the name of what is convent. The number shames this writer as those whom were writers of old. They wept, as I with tears and longing for others to see for those scales to be lifted from the eyes of just some…

God isn’t one who forces, Yeshua isn’t one who forces belief in His name…In free will we choose destruction and decay or blessing and life…Read Deuteronomy, rather take the time to get to know the Heart of the Living ‘I AM’ choose to get to know Him, choose peace, choose to speak out for those whom are down trodden, choose to use your breath that is given by God to praise Him!

He so loved us that the very life breath He gave us while we were sinning (all sins all of them) with the mouth He formed with us in mind to curse Him…Yet the Good News is He died for us while we did this before we even knew any better!

This is why God’s praise will always be on my lips! Because He alone has saved me from much, from so much…From myself to start, from the spirit of false religion, from pride, which is why I die daily meaning saying “LORD I can’t do anything this day, you are the life-giver, the breath giver may I praise you in the everyday tasks I do and may your presence rest on my solders not for my sake, but for the sake of others, that it would point to You.”

There are mornings all I can even say is ‘Jesus, Help’ and that’s OK…the point is intent of heart, intent of thoughts intentional praise intentional walking out the life He’s given that is new in Him…

My hope and prayer is this reaches just one to see how good He is…

Let everything that has His life-breath praise the Lord! 


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