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My Heart is Full To Overflowing!

Rivers of life come from within deep in those that are God’s kids, but those that put feet to their prayers, who do the midnight oil praying, who weep in tears over what is going on and yet are excited because the weeping will turn to joy! We will reap with such glorious joy that it will be impossible to contain it!

God is SO GOOD! His hand never stops providing to those that sow into his Kingdom!

It’s coming very soon, look to the times and seasons and get excited!

Just like that old Hill-song song “People get ready, Jesus is coming soon we’ll be going home, people get ready Jesus is coming to take from the world His own”

He is so near I can almost spiritually taste it! 

God is near to the broken in heart, to the lowly to the very things contrary to what this passing world calls success…

God wants us as believers to be equipped spiritually for the coming harvest that is about ready to be birthed…

The thing I keep getting from Him is ‘pack light’ ‘scatter seed in great amount without caution for the amount you are spreading’ ‘be offended over nothing, but always bring your requests to God and He is faithful to help you’ ‘use wisdom be as wise as a snake but as gentle as a dove’ above all else not only a call to wake up the bride but to really dig into God, His word, and just love Him for Him

Be about what God’s about, what is on His heart: ?

Israel, the nations, and His Love for them all!

Though not all will choose to know that Love; we show it anyway, because He did it for us when we were against Him who are we to sparingly show even a fraction of that same love?

Hope this encourages you all! 🙂


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