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Free Indeed

As mentioned in another post – witnessing to people around you isn’t a formula that is complex.

From the nail shop, hair salon, faith-based store, coffee shop etc. God is everywhere don’t be afraid to speak up in an approachable manner IE. just be yourself!

It’s so satisfying to see the faces of folks when I share, it’s not about me it’s all about the God that set me free, and continues to allow me to be free indeed.

The scars on my arms used to bother me, now they just point to a loving God who sets people free from anything that is holding them captive. The good news is your part in the greater story of Jesus.

Into the highways and byways we go, and take heart dear readers, He’s overcome the world and then some!

Jesus has given us the keys and now while the iron is hot, strike…talk to people, they are starving for hope and they are unaware of it…but the atmosphere wherever I am when I do share my story, point to God, pray whatever is always 110 percent better then it was when I first walked in…

It’s not us walking in, it’s the Jesus inside of us that walks in! We should be in such communion with God, others to encourage those of us of Faith, and then ‘Go therefore’ not just stay in the bodies we are in and soak up the word but be hearers only and not doers of what God has called us to do…

For if we have been set free by Jesus, we are free indeed!!

Let God’s freedom ring! 

Just some July 4th thoughts… 😉


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