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I will sing to God!

Despite all that happens around, 10,000 fall at my side 10,000 more at my right hand…I will sound my voice, and lift God high…Not just in song, but in my life as well…I will only observe judgment, and I will point others to the Most High God ADONAI, He alone is God, every tongue will cry His name…

I sing ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD’ along with many others…I might be marginalized, ridiculed and made fun of but what better place to be? For the Lord Himself went through much worse…

I’m used to taking social hits, but I count it all joy for in this I am not alone many others are giving there lives for God so some social backlash is fine by me…In fact, I’ve spent most of my young life trying to fit in and still was made fun of…

I’m used to it…before ‘anti bullying’ was ‘cool’ many of us including myself have gone through the social hazing ringer…High functioning Autism and all, I count all of it for the gain of my LORD!

I count everything accomplished lost, if it is without God’s Face, His Love then I don’t draw my next breath!

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, and ask folks ‘hey, do you know Jesus?’ your testimony of how He has changed your life isn’t something that can be argued away…It’s proof of His Love…

Share the Love of God today!


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