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bones sucking stones

Of cowards and boys,

Who rule over ‘independent joint states?’

Is a bit how I notice our contemporary ‘Mr. Presidents’?

Written expressions are powerful;

Spoken words of even more prevailing.

What will be written of this narration in history?


Yea, those that knew yet understood nobody.

And of those that stood on principal

Beaming as spokes of terms;

Heard through the whispers of this present past.

You blush Mr. O, wrote en route to you.

Thanks for the staffer response;

I’m sure they needed the encouragement more than your eyes did.

Stomach-ache through the ‘reports’ that are strenuous.

More still-

Chatting beheaded suits and skirts of hearsay.

It fossilizes my eyes,

And stings my ears.

-I’m not anesthetized-

-Just –



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