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Blessed Morning to you Fellow Bloggers

*waves to those looking on* One thing I’m learning is I know nothing compared to the infinite knowledge of God. Another thing, I am more than happy to drop everything and I mean throw away things that are distracting from a close walk with the Creator God. He wants actually all humanity to get to know Him on an intimate level. But, He also gifted every human with choice to do so.

It won’t be much of anything if any relationship is forced (even someone with Asperger’s knows that) 🙂

This evening at Shabbat I will officially become a member of Zion’s Sake and I’m so excited! Calling up folks to see if they want to come but it’s looking like a ‘graduation of sorts’ will be by myself aside from my Father God who is proud of me regardless of who is or isn’t there.

We are a motley crew there, and that is how heaven will be, One body, One bride, One Wedding feast, One God, etc…

I love Adonai and His son Yeshua so much if it’s not evident through my posts. Not on social media anymore, and haven’t looked back, I love God more than the internet. More than books or music that don’t reflect who He is. Yes I have thrown away music and books that I bought that were not even the slightest bit of God.

To each their own, I however love and relate to music and reading on an intimate level and that is why I did so, for I know some books and music can become self-indulgent or even distractions from what God wants to say to me.

I’d challenge the reader to do the same if they have the guts!

I mean that in love by the way.

You won’t look back as you draw closer to God in His strength, it’s all about Him…the desire to even love Him comes from Him…

If  you love your life, you won’t be afraid to lose it as in: giving up all for the sake of God be it digital, digital phone, music that isn’t really bringing you closer to Jesus, books, e books, etc…or your very physical life if that is what is called for…

Jesus said that those who love their life will lose it, those who love Him and seek life in and through Him and lose it all for His sake will save their life…

That is what is meant by that statement, remember the rich young ruler?

He had done all correctly but wasn’t willing to give up his earthly riches to follow Jesus,

But what is impossible with man is possible with God…

He may well have regained riches, that isn’t the point

The point is to become spiritually rich and have your hands lifted to God in thanks and in doing so you’d be surprised how God uses you!

Be encouraged today, you are loved by God above!


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