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Some Sobering Numbers

Last evening at Shabbat, the premise of the message was convection…It’s not such a bad thing when many who are of faith by default celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Etc. All of which have obvious pagan roots

ever wonder why we place the presents under the tree?

To bow down to it as was done when the children of Israel had household asture poles…

Ever wonder why there is stress during these man made set up holidays?

Oh just, perhaps? leftover residue from a pagan holiday with a ‘christian paint job’ overtop…

Just some sobering food for thought…

I challenge someone to show me Yeshua celebrating Halloween, show me Yeshua dressing up like a demon or a witch for candy.

Show me the scripture of Yeshua celebrating His birth with a decorated pine tree, a yule log, and acquiring credit so He could go into debt purchasing gifts.

Here is a staggering statistic. The 150 million Americans (less than half the population) who celebrate Halloween spent 7 billion dollars this year, that’s right, 7 billion, they spent 40 million buying costumes for their pets.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports over 9 million children under the age of 5 die every year in Africa, 75% of those deaths are preventable.

The cause is lack of basic health care. Malaria is one of the top killers! That’s one child, one baby dying every seventeen minutes because they lacked basic preventative health care.

This staggering number could be almost completely eradicated by a cost of about $5 per child to inoculate and provide basic preventative health care!! For Approx. $45 million dollars America could cut the child/infant death rate in Africa by over 75%, 6,750,000 babies and children could be saved for about the amount of money spent on pet Halloween costumes spent in America.

Shame on every believer who wasted God’s blessings and provision on Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy while their brothers and sisters are dying horrible, preventable deaths!

I won’t even start with Christmas $850 billion this year…

Tell me again that God is pleased with this and that He is being honored!

Eric Clarkson 10/30/15 Shabbat Quote


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