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Rise Up, and Love

The soul crushing love of the Father God has been what I’ve been looking for recently. A bit like a ‘dad’ hug that does not let go, a firm ‘I love you, despite.’

In the midst of walking through life, our story we live in or we don’t know we live in. The creator Abba’s pen sometimes has reddish hues that pen the pain, acutely felt.

I realize that just lifting my hands and worshiping my Lord despite what goes on outside, because life is so ‘daily’ I need ‘daily’ time with Him.

Through the darkness I run away until God lovingly chases after me, and allows me to fall into His eternal arms. The same arms that are scared forever. By His scars, I’m healed, whole, His.

Now more than ever, when the lines of darkness and light are bold, I have been called to love those around me loudly. To speak up for those that are in my sphere and not lose hope in the midst of an ever changing ever uprooted world.

So, in the midst of ache. In the middle of heart hurt for brothers and sisters across the globe that I’d love to serve alongside that pay the price of highest price, their life.

Then the God of Israel gently reminds me, ‘Dyeing to what you want, to what you feel as true, and clinging to The Truth is what I want for you Hannah.’

So, this broken hallelujah, this bruised I still know what you said God is Truth.

I raise my hands to you God, my King, my Love.

Not my will but Yours be done Lord.




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