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Hello bloggers 🙂 *waves from desk chair*

Well, tomorrow everyone and their mom will be at the gym, and on monday as well.

I call them ‘do gooders’ or ‘well intenders’ because they mean well, but a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of work.

Taking it on is something best done one micro goal at a time, and then celebrate that goal by rewarding yourself like pampering or something. I have decided to get my nails done regularly again, once a month as an example.

The ‘western machine’ of the ‘food and weight loss industry’ is huge, and makes a ton of money. Hard earned dollars that could be better spent on saving, paying off debt if one has it etc.

Any advertising will cause the consumer to ‘feel’ as though without xyz they are less off than with xyz. Just spend, and you’ll be said promise on the advert.

Needs and Want’s knowing the difference between them and not getting sucked back into the game is hard.

But before an impulse splurge be it with food, money, time whatever if a moment is taken to pause and wait. Then the need and want can be sorted out.

If I workout hard for example and decide that I deserve a doughnut because I just sweat and burned a bunch telling myself that the muscles will burn off the calories. Yea used to do this, and the same goes for spending.

Dueling out my hard earned fitness, time, energy and cash for things I can do without is something I am asking God to help me with. (And He has been amazingly enough.)

I mention all of this because I am on the health journey towards a gastric sleeve surgery in about four months.

This past december I wrote down faithfully each day what I ate, didn’t try to tackle more then that because that in itself takes commitment.

But it’s worth it, because I can see trends. Not only that I have bariatric appointments each month until about May 2016 as a ‘pre trial’ type of thing to see if I am committed to a lifestyle change. It’s good because the surgery is a big deal, and I will have to watch a whole lot of things about a year after the surgery.

However, I know it’s a tool albet a permanent one, and this tool along with what I have been doing since this past September by joining weight watchers kicked started the process into high gear.

I have been working out for the last three years but the food aspect only honestly have I recently been addressing.

So, with all the above typed. I’ll be blogging on the process now and again in the coming months. It’s a journey and I am up for the challenge.




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