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To Love is Brave

I recently listened to a teaching that opened up the concept of ‘loving those that hate’

Remember when Jesus healed and the religious teachers accused Jesus of casting out the devil with the devil? (oxymoron much)

That is the same concept when we as people attempt to right a wrong in human power, by natural means.

Supernatural means is with Yeshua’s Love, that has been shown on our behalf before we loved Him. 


Here’s the point. God didn’t send His Son into the world to judge it; instead, He is here to rescue a world headed toward certain destruction.

John 3:17


I was verbally assaulted by those around me for years as a young person. I was in my 20’s harassed on the net by a lot of people…

Not to long ago, I forgave them. I thought I’d forgiven them all, but forgot those that were on the web.

I asked the Lord to bless them, and that I forgave them.

Many hurtful remarks in the past lead to cutting my arms to shreds…

But, I have come to know that acceptance through God, as He loves on me when I come to Him for all my needs, because of my Love for Him I can do no less then forgive those that hurt me, because I am not my own but belong to God.

I have no right to be hurt, because the Lord didn’t make me a victim but victorious through His Love for me.

Did I grieve over the hurt?  yes, did I take my complaints to the Lord yes, but with a heart of how Lord can this be resolved?

And many times, it was just knowing He was there listening as I cursed God out, tore pages out of the Bible in rage…

after the hurt was grieved, and my tears cried out, the Lord was there and opened His arms for me, and it was there at the end of myself that He began…

We have choices, we all make them.

Many will chose to go on hating, hurting, accusing, slandering etc. it is easy to do what is natural, wimpy actually. 

It takes courage and guts to Love no matter what happens to you as a person.

That doesn’t mean trusting or somehow saying that the hurtful action was OK, but it does mean choosing to forgive even if they don’t respond to the forgiveness-but out of love for God forgiving anyways and you in turn are set free…


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