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VOM Radio: Iraq: Strongholds Being Shaken

Dr. Jason Peters and VOM Radio host Todd Nettleton just returned from meeting Christians and delivering aid in northern Iraq. This week they’ll share about the Christians they met, many of whom have been displaced by the advance of ISIS over the past 18 months.

They’ll also talk about some of the ways VOM is helping these Christians, including the launch of a new effort inviting American believers to prepare a medical first-aid kit to give to these displaced Christians.

They’ll share other ways VOM is helping Christians, and the story of a displaced Christian who is experiencing joy and contentment in spite of living in a tent surrounded by enemies of the gospel.

There is good news coming from the Middle East; we’ll talk about what God is doing in the region, and how longstanding strongholds are being shaken, this week on VOM Radio.

Source: VOM Radio: Iraq: Strongholds Being Shaken

Adonai is always on the move. I listen to this podcast every week to get the positive news behind the news if you will. It’s also good to know how to pray effectively for brothers and sisters of the God of Israel all over the world.



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