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Every now and again, on the net you’ll run into some really cool and informative webpages. constitute is one of those pages where you can read constitutions from countries the world over. It has comparison ‘pins’ for different documents and a lot of other neat features.

Another webpage that I love is voice of the martyrs weekly radio webcast. It gives the ‘news behind the news’ how God is at work in this world today. Takes a look at personal stories of people being killed for their faith, but give testimonies and sometimes very touching stories.

sefaria  in the webpages own words is “a beautiful interface, fully interconnected, with parallel translations, for free.” Texts of all Jewish literature from the Torah and Tanach.

Mercy Multiplied  (formally Mercy Ministries) is the place I gained my freedom from self harm. I was there for seven months. From October 2012-May 2013. They have many great free resources on their page. Mercy Talk Podcasts  is something that I listen to weekly and put on my iPod to listen to on the road.

Freedom Tools  is great because of free eBooks that can be read, who you are in Christ confessions as a PDF document, 26 weeks of scriptural confessions, The armor of God again as a PDF document, and other media resources!

And defiantly not the last one I’ll post over time but P4CM is such an anointed, raw, emotional, and just plain great page. Rhetoric is the best part of the page! Here is why.

RHETORIC is the world’s largest Christian spoken word event.  It started as a small event we called Lyricists Lounge with only 150 people attending in downtown Los Angeles.  We doubled in size each subsequent event having over 300 people, then 750 people then we sold out that venue at about 1250 people for two shows.  Then we moved to Cottonwood Church in Los Alamitos, CA, just outside of Los Angeles and had around 2800 guests in 2012 then over 3100 people in 2013 followed by a sell out of over 3500 people in 2014 and 2015.

The topics that are addressed through spoken word are an attempt to speak to every aspect of the human experience and Gods blessing over it or His power to overcome it. We’ve hit the topics of sexual molestation and abuse, overcoming homosexuality, AIDS, losing to cancer, encouragement to women to see that God finds them beautiful, a challenge to men to step their game up, the joy of the Lord, the power and necessity of evangelism in all walks of life, the importance of the youth to be a part of the movement, and the list goes on.

Just one of the few spoken word pieces done at the 2015 show.

As I think of more webpages and find more I will add them. Hope you bloggers enjoy them! 😀


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