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How to Take a Fall

The history of music for me, when I really started to get into music when I was at liberty university…One of the artists that I connected with (for better or worse) was Elliott Smith…

I was listening to XO, I remember now so vividly on my laptop with a dial up connection in 2003 my second year at LU…

The news of his death hit me in the chest, I was a mess myself on ephedrine diet pills cutting my arms to hell…

‘XO’ scar is on my left arm forever and I remember carving it for the first time into my skin that night in October 2003…

I recall is a lot of blood, tears, and crushing quiet afterwards…

I don’t romanticize it, I remember now why I just can’t listen to his music…it takes me back to a place I can’t go to…

But, I did see a YouTube of his last live show and took some screen shots of smiles (while I was a bit misty eyed.)


Rest Easy

Miss you man, living my life now because you gave voice to my pain and inspired me to start playing the guitar and writing music…


I’ll Kiss You Again, Between the Bars


I’ll Keep You Apart, Deep in My Heart

8/6/1969 —– 10/21/2003



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