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A Story of Mercy



Be Still and Know He is God.

This is my May 2013 Testimony before I graduated from Mercy Ministries, Now called Mercy Multiplied. This coming May will be the three year anniversary! Praise God!

As a kid, I felt very misunderstood and misplaced. I befriended others who were considered social outcasts.

Middle school and high school years were difficult, and I began to struggle with borderline anorexia.

When I was 17, I witnessed a shooting while on a mission trip, which was traumatic, but I think I just tried to block it out and go on with life.

During my freshman year of college, I started to self-harm.

During my sophomore year, I was dismissed by the university because of the way I was hurting my body through cutting and abusing diet pills.

When I returned home, I was very bitter and I struggled with binge eating and cutting at an even harsher extent.

At age 21, I attempted to take my life.

 I felt chaotic and aimless.

Thankfully, I didn’t die.

God still had plans for me.

I found out about Mercy through my grandmother who had suggested I read “Echoes of Mercy.”

I decided to apply because I had had enough of the struggle I had been facing and wanted freedom.

While at Mercy, I was set free from self-harm by God, and have learned I am uniquely His.

I also learned to take my thoughts captive and much more.

After Mercy, I plan to return home to live with my parents and get involved in local outreach.

I look forward to going to church and volunteering there.

I would really love to use my musical gifts to exalt God.

I also want to finish school to become a Professor of Biblical Studies.

No words can describe how thankful I am for all the staff has done.

They have shown love and kindness and were so willing to come alongside me to help me through this season in my life.


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