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Minnie (My Dog)

My dog has passed away and I’ve been a blubbering mess for the last three days. It’ll get better with time. this morning I wrote a letter to her, I imagine I’ll be writing a lot of these. The hurt is best released through tears, writing, and above all leaning on God.

Dear Minnie,

I keep glancing over the spots your dog beds used to be. I keep expecting to hear your tap dancing toe nails across the kitchen floor to beg for whatever I am eating. I look over my bed in habit to check and see if if you’re upstairs or downstairs so you can be let out on the deck. (She used the bathroom on on our deck)

I keep expecting out of habit to save bags in order to pick up your poo’s. When I am walking Wally (The bloodhound I’m dog sitting for a family friend) I think on our walks. They became shorter as you aged, but you didn’t mind. This past winter are cherished memories of the last walks with you.

I regret not walking you more. But now you are running with God’s creatures above and eagerly wait for your family to someday join you.

I thank God you were able to see me ‘well’ in your last three years of life. I am glad God gave me you. You walked with me through a lot of darkness with the assurance of your cold nose.

You always made me laugh. Be it dragging your rear across the carpet or hiding under a table with your furry butt sticking out when things became emotionally tense. You were the emotional barometer that made all of us laugh and forget why we were upset in the first place.

You touched a lot of lives, but you know that now. You can now see our family that is in heaven. You’ve gotten to see Mr. Belle, Best a Mor, Ken, Hazel, Howard, Nelson and all the others that are the cloud of witnesses.

You ran the race well Minnie, you finished strong. Well done good and faithful dog, enjoy Glory until we meet again.

-Hannah C.


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