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New Song Number One

A golden bowl fills your house, a new song falls from my lips. Newness as the budding of Aaron’s rod, indeed God You-all seven of your three in One, point to the nations you crafted in Your Hands!

Oh Father! How endless is Your spender! How bottomless is Your Love!

Words I can’t frame within my being emit Your Name. You know me, You see me. You Yourself groaned in Your Spirit.

You constantly contended and plead. Indeed You desire to gather Jerusalem together to gather all humans in truth and love.

I don’t know the next step; but I know I cling to Your robes God. I cry into Your Neck. I am cradled by You in my minds eye.

I know that I know You are for me, You love me, and hear me as I hear You. I love You Papa God.


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