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A new dog

We adopted our 1st dog in 2002, a Brittany Spaniel,as a present for our son, Jonathan, for his 10th birthday. Little did we know that Minnie would be part of our oldest daughter’s healing as she struggled through more than a decade of anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, self- harm and an eventual diagnosis of high functioning autism. Minnie was her best friend and our families “ therapy dog”. She lived a full life and endeared herself to even the most hesitant of animal lovers. She was truly our 6th family member. Last summer,we sadly said goodbye to her and have grieved her loss for the past 18 months. As Hannah has moved through the stages of her healing and growth, she has come to realize that her love for her dogs is one way she relates to and connects with other living things ( humans). Having a dog has also reduced her anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, with Kim in school full time and Larry starting his own business,we can not afford to fund her adoption expenses. Can you help make her adoption dreams come true? We found a wonderful Brittany breeder near Charlottesville, VA and he has several Brittany’s up for adoption at $600/male and $650/ female. She has stated, “ I don’t want anything else for Christmas, Hanukkah and my Birthday for the next several years but a dog!”

Hannah’s Dog Gofundme


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