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May 2018 Update

I’m down 60 plus pounds now. 8 months out from surgery and feeling so much better. Hardest part has been adjusting to my antidepressants post op, getting the dosage correct and going through 3 months of depression because my medication was not absorbing fully; this was harder than the physical recovery of surgery. I don’t wish depression on anyone. It is a hell hole.

My internship at Computer Concepts comes to an end June 18 2018 I started here in October of 2017. I’ve taken the 901 and passed that exam after two tries I took the 902 a plus exam (An IT exam in two parts) Almost passed the 902 but missed a passing score by 20 points.

Currently looking for part time summer seasonal work, I also am volunteering Monday mornings at the food distribution center at Zion’s Sake. I do the grunt work of hauling in the heavy boxes for the ladies and help them sort the inventory before the patrons show up in the afternoons. I am still helping my grandmother as she needs it weekly.

I workout at the riverside wellness center again, but mix things up with workout DVD’s walks outside, or classes at the wellness center about 3-4 times a week.

I’m off of social media save for Instagram, Facebook I’m taking an extended break from (not sure how long) Might be another two year stretch.


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