In this world you will have much trouble

It’s been a long time sense I’ve posted here. Much has happened, I have lost a puppy my family decided to buy another one about one month after Bella passed away. His name is BO-BO. He’s not cuddly but is all boy, wants to play all the time never settles down etc. To be expected of a boy dog I suppose, he does crack a smile on my face however when I walk in from work.

Another change is I have a full time 40 hour a week job at a place that helps those that are severely disabled to high functioning and all in between. My job requires I keep up with quota, and me being the hard person on myself that I am I almost am at the daily double if you get me. Almost dose not count in the world of business.

Enter my anxiety, So I am off SSI praise God! But that has been a huge change, my case at Community Services Board was closed, and my department of rehab services case is closed and is in post employment status meaning they still help me but I cannot get another job with there help or I’d have to re apply to DARS waiting list and all.

On top of all this, yes I do enjoy my job I love helping people, but that Info Tech A plus test I have been studying for sense 2015? Yea, the 901 and 902 have been phased out and now it’s 1001 1002 which is fine. I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of hands on application and study to pass this piss test and now I give up as far as passing the A plus exam goes. I flipping quit. I have all this time, energy, talent and know how to what end? Nothing.

Next item, I have the flu type A, have a flu shot every other year. I feel like crap, oh and I have started cutting again for the first time in seven years. Yey me.


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