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Despite what everyone hears in the news, Virginians are lovers of freedom and many are lovers of God. During this past black Friday, I was in line at Walmart just to get a few things, the line was taking forever that check out by the outdoor plants.

Conversations started between a few at different points in the line, eventually the conversation was with the last half of the line and the topic: the second amendment.

The conversation was lively but civil and many held different views. What’s surprising however, one thing that many Virginians agree on from many different walks of life, thugs, stay at home moms, working class, middle class, tattooed, strait lased, homosexual, heterosexual, red, yellow black and white. (Sounds like a song)

The thing all agreed on, do not mess with the second amendment. It’s the life blood of our country and once that freedom is gone the rest no longer apply.

Now as to how it’s expressed everyone had a differing view, but to totally get rid of it no one agreed with.

I say this despite the legislation and the governor want to sign off on: red flag laws (everyone said we shouldn’t have red flag laws) I write this to remind you that American’s are a diverse motley crew, but we all agree with the bill of rights hands down, bar none.

The leadership on both sides of the isle are being foolish not listen to the people they serve and instead are serving themselves. To do this they are in essence putting in their two weeks notice because they will be ousted by disgruntled voters.

The thing about shake up is that it gets others out of their stupor and people are now more actively engaged in what they believe in then I’ve ever seen. Most Americans, many, just want to live their life in peace but are beginning to see that they need to exercise their rights openly.

All it takes for evil to take over is for good people to do nothing. Control oil, control the country. Control food, control the people.


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