The Days to soon come

Persecution is swiftly coming to the United States unlike anything we have ever witnessed in human history. This horror show will make the holocaust look like a warm-up. Brother will rise against brother sister against sister mother-in-law against daughter-in-law. Those that are born again Christians those that are Jews or undesirables will be slaughtered. Men will be stripped of their clothes and castrated in front of their family unless they deny Jesus. Women will be raped until their insides fall out and have their breasts cut off, unless they deny Jesus. Children will be lined up on the top of schools with Chinese guards behind them asking them if they deny Christ they could be a part of the new established world government or have a bullet in the back of their skull. Parents below will watch as their child either succumbs to denying the Lord or they will watch as their child is killed right in front of them on top of a of the school building as their children’s bodies fall to the ground. Those children that do deny Jesus will be asked to ‘show their loyalty’ by shooting their parents. This is not an exaggeration, it is what is coming sooner than we realize.


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