What Title?

How to even formulate the goings-on of late. I am trying to find ways to as Paul in the Bible did ‘become a tentmaker’ In realizing this so much has come over the last three months since my last update here on blogger.

I am aware that Google is frankly the search engine of the demonic and I’m aware that AI is watching what I write, post, yawn and even fart in HD sound though I feel sorry for the AI Sentient Being that has to listen to my emitted gastric juices. 😂

I am aware of the asteroid Apophis headed to Earth on April, Friday the 13, 2029. I am aware of God’s calling on my life, I am aware that there will be very soon a ‘great reveal/disclosure’ in which ‘UFO Alien life forms’ otherwise known as the fallen ones, the men of old and renown in Genisis chapter 6 that most in Christendom seem to skim over.

I am also aware of enough of the counterfeit and am gently reminded by the Lord, Hannah, my child, you are so aware that it’s consuming your emotional energy. And God gently leads me back to His Side despite my eager beaver for knowledge.🤓

Covid19 will pass and we as human society will come together in the way the God of Israel wanted us to, the way Jesus prayed and longed for that fire of His to be kindled! Oh My, Heaven’s it’s gonna be a boom in the upper room of many across the USA and worldwide who are asking ‘OK, What now God?’ And man it’s 120 days locked in homes worldwide and I am so excited in every sense! I feel like a kid on Christmas getting some spiritual gifts that were prophesied about by those of old and died in faith believing the day that we currently live in now!

What a freaking privilege! We are the men and woman ‘for such a time as this’ we are being called into our prayer closets to get real with God, ourselves, and first pray and repent from what we have been doing (myself included) and turn to Jesus, Yeshua otherwise known as the dude who has been so patiently waiting for you to say ‘Hey God so…what the hell is up with this shit?’

No really, many of my prayers are of the above nature, reverent, but no holes barred, and God gives me His answer in very jovial ways. Often times I sense a ‘Holy Spirit Shit Eating Grin’ upon His Face, and I belly laugh alongside Him.

Take Heart Reader/blogger/whoever the hell you are. God. Loves. You. Yes, you.

This Passover/Resurrection Season please pause and repent, anoint your home, apartment, yourself, your dog, cat, bird, car, your neighbor’s car, your street sign, etc. as territory belonging to the God of Israel!

No enemy of the dark side shall pass on this ground because it’s deputized on the authority of the Blood of the Lamb/Lion of the tribe of Judea of Israel! Can I get an Amen?!

I recommend you follow the CDC’s recommendations, and have a copy of Psalm 91 in your car, on your mirror when you get ready in the morning, on your fridge, by your computer, your phone, by your coffee maker in the morning etc.

When we choose to dwell and abide in the shelter of the Highest God, we will rest in the Arms of the Almighty. When we choose to say of the LORD that He is our Refuge and Fortress in whom we personally trust. It will indeed made a huge ass difference in every realm there is!

Love Yall,

Hannah ‘Busta’ Capps


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