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Hannah joy and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day (funny)

I have been in the dumps of late, blah city well more like without purpose kind of eh feeling…

helped dad take out boxes from the attic 27 some-odd years worth of stuff and I came across an old book (or three) that now as an adult make me laugh, and as a child made me feel better…

There were the ‘Just go to bed’ not so subtle book(s) for my sister, and the one’s my mom bought for myself as a child, like Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day (actually I think I bought that one at the book fair in the 4th grade because that is at the time what I could relate to, and still do actually.)

Mom would buy books that were of the ‘Tomorrow is a brand new day’ type to lift my spirits and her own I would suppose when she read to me and later when I’d read the books to myself.

I scanned a few pages that make me laugh like the faces oh my gosh, they are so dang funny…I think I’ll move to Australia one is my favorite. (he-he)

And at the end, “Mom says that some days are ‘like that’…even in Australia.”

Helping dad, getting out of myself, and reading old books just made my ‘no-good day’ a pretty good one…