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The wind combs through the leaves,
There is a chorus of greys and greens.
Seeing small tethered things.
Seeing birds beat their wings.
Hearing blowers and mowers.
Hearing silence and violence.
Shots ring out a few blocks away,
No matter child go out and play.
Sirens blare, rade the air.
I hear an argument next door,
I hear two voices snarl and roar.
A radio flys away,
Escaping to the light of day.
The sun does not last too long,
By 4 pm it’s set and gone.

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My Confession

I leave behind the approval of others,
for the approval of God.

I hide my face in His,
I side with Him.

I’ve lost it, here’s the line I’ve crossed it.

I cross over into His insanity and say Goodbye to everything and everyone else.

Goodby mom and dad, friends and former lovers.

I press on to the higher, climb.

I press on and cling to Jesus as a cat clings to their owner, claws in.

I push my way into God nose first, I fight to see Him. I won’t be refused, and I won’t relent for He has proven Himself worthy of my gumption.

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The euphony drama, the lead stringed tool of solar day-spirit.

An undertow shows a drop of charm.

The seductive occurrence, a sound that draws the other clutch, that semiautomatic.

Exclusive turn figure, off-white, gaunt melodies charred fire tap imagery.

Stumble inside, caving half faced behind, private-held perverse soft limbs.

Brief of breath, the temper bled out.

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Past Self

I’m the pretty thing that time forgot, I’ve been left to sing and rot.

I unmarked, the one you miss, I’m the closing clawing fist.

I’m a soul to those of foe, once seen back to and fro.

Deuce deranged, tetrad missed.

Wailing mess, silent twist.

Remember the time, we use to dance?

You the stab and I the chance?

Shredded arms in shifting skin;

Dressing gown of braided sin.

Yes you the thing that I forgot,

You the act unlearned, untaught.

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Lovely One

Tussled bed sheets, a smile with praise that drips as honey from my mouth.

Lord most High and Lauded One, most affectionately tender, sweetly bold in Your zeal over my heart.

Your Hands caress my heart, I see in my mind’s eye, You reclining beside me.

I see Your Hands stroke my mouth, ‘sing my darling only songs to Me.’

So envious yet gracious Your Eyes are; They have a Fierce Fire in them and yet in the dark they clear my face.

You are aglow about me.

As written by David: “Let His faithful followers erupt in praise, singing triumphantly wherever they are, even as they lie down for sleep in the evening.” Psalm 149:5

There are not any words to draw the way in which you extract my praise, the way you make love to me, the way you capture and enclose my heart, the way I climax in your Spirit.

As Paul put “he was caught up to heaven and heard things so astounding that they couldn’t be uttered in language, things no earth-born is allowed to express.” 2 Corinthians 12:4

I’ve seen the heavens and the praises of You God lifted high and above, Your trio seats and yet so much more in my mind’s eye.

Indeed, Lord, You are my lover.

My bosom is ruined for You alone.

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Tears and Cocoa 

My love knocked; 

His scent unlocked.

My face He held,

My pain He felled.

The joy set before His Feet;

The tears mix with lovers sweet.

Cocoa sipped, my tongue dipped.

praises to my Lover,

Smooth as butter.

I taste the salt and smile,

He is with me all the while. 

 I have no fear or care 

for You my God are truly rare.

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Sonnet of the Lord’s Love

She’s floating-in the Lord’s arms now.

She’s so in Love, so lit!

She sees the One’s Eyes of wit.

The crease at the corners because of His Joy.

She sits on His knee,

Planted as a lively tree.

Thinking some fruit’s going to bloom;

Cause her heart enters His room.

She’s in their secret place again,

He beacons and she’s drawn in.

Enclosed Life Rivers flow,

Solely she and God go.

Time adieu’s with tipped hat,

Time a gift, she now knows that.

A heart full, she gladly gives,

For so much now does she live!